Say Hello to HandsFree

Contactless restaurant service at your fingertips


QR Code Activated Menus

Scan and Serve

Diner's smartphones allow for quick access to our digital menus by scanning our QR codes, tailored and printed for you to place on your table.

Intuitive Menu Editor

Become your own designer and push your dishes farther with powerful but simple menu construction.

Visual Appeal

Make your diners hungrier with visual aspects like pictures, descriptions, nutritional information, or whatever you like.

Cloud Based Security

All menus are stored on our secure encrypted servers, ensuring the safety of you and your customers. Personal bodyguard not included (but we wish).


Sales at Your Tables

No Tablets Necessary!

Hardware Integration

A HandsFree technician will setup your preexisting ticket printers and sales equipment to process your diners orders through their phone at the table.

Lightning Fast Sales

No more waiting for a check or a card to process on a computer running windows 95 (we hope not). Turn your tables faster and seat customers quicker.

Integrated Tipping

Help your staff get better tips with our pre-calculated tipping. No more guessing and no more waiters leaving to become delivery drivers.

Intuitive Rewards for Your Customers

Remember those punch cards the barber or ice cream shop gave you? Neither do we.

Order confirmed

Integrated Dashboard & App

Restaurant Analytics

Watch your HandsFree dining room skyrocket. View things like quarterly sales, tables served, dishes dealt.

Access Your Digital Menus

Design and access new digital menus, when you want it, and how you want it.

"How Are We Doing?"

Get live product feedback, straight from the customer. Find out what's working and what's not.

Steer Clear of Disaster

Remove menu items that aren't doing well to help you save money and time.

Let Us Know What You Want!

Recommend new features for your personalized HandsFree experience. We love feedback as much as you do.

Setup analytics

You're in great (hands?)

See what your clients say about us

We’re really pushing the envelope of what’s possible during COVID-19 with this product. Thank you to the HandsFree team.
Sam Oliver — Owner of Seabird Off Broad
This product has helped us encourage customers to come back into our space. Everyone we serve feels like we are taking necessary steps with our waiters to make sure they are safe.
Michael Hemmings — Founder of Mike's Deli
Great customer service. I look forward to going fully contactless when diners start ordering from their phones.
Jane Stafford — Owner of Walker's Steakhouse

How Does It Work?

Your Customer Scans A Printed QR Code

Android and iPhone camera apps have built in automatic scanners that prompt when pointing the camera at the QR code

The Menu Opens On Their Browser

After pointing the camera at the QR code, customers hit a prompt and your digital menu opens in their phone browser.

They Can Order Now!

Customers either order through their waiter or on their phone depending upon your HandsFree subscription.

Why HandsFree?


Digital QR Code Menus remove physical contact between diners and your staff. Handsfree is the safest method of service possible for your restaurant.


Creating a HandsFree menu is instantaneous and a joy, with loads of tools deigned to help keep your customers happy and hungry.


No more printing or consulting a designer to promote your product on laminated paper. Become your own designer with the HandsFree digital menu editor and customize it as many times as you like.


Ordering from a HandsFree menu is sleek and intuitive, combined with a product management ecosystem designed specifically to help you keep your customers.

Ready to get started?

Let's reinvigorate the dining room.